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Royalty Free License Agreement

Podcast Tunes License

Podcast Tunes grants you, the purchaser an ongoing non-exclusive, worldwide license in perpetuity (for ever!) to use the music package or track on the following terms.

You are licensed to use the music in multiple episodes of your podcast, vlog or on your YouTube channel. Monetised, profit or non-profit, you are covered by this license.

The license also includes performance rights worldwide in perpetuity.

You are allowed to manipulate, re-edit, stretch, shorten or combine the music but you cannot claim the re-edit or re-mix as your own music.

You cannot re-distribute or re-sell the music. Neither can you claim trademark or copyright over it. Which is obvious right? ;-)

You cannot use the music in a commercial. If you want this, please contact us for a special license.

All our music is Non-P.R.O. This means that it is not registered with any Performing Rights Organisations and therefor 100% royalty free.

If you have any questions please contact