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  • Really royalty free? 
    Yes once you payed for it you can use it as much as you like in your podcasts or youtube channel
  • Why do I need tunes in my podcast or vlog?
    There's no rule saying that you must have music in your podcast or vlog. Plenty of good podcasts have no music at all. But, there's no doubt that having your own theme tune and sound effects adds a layer of identity and professionalism to any show.
  • Can I use the tunes in multiple episodes of my vlog or podcast?
    Yes of course! You are licensed to use the music in multiple episodes of your podcast, vlog or on your YouTube channel. Monetised, profit or non-profit, you are covered by this license.
  • Who composed all these tunes?
    Renger Koning is the maker of all the podcast tunes you’ll find here. Renger is a Dutch media composer/ sound designer with many years experience in composing for film, trailers, advertising, TV station leaders, documentaries and theater. Renger felt it was about time to also start to compose tunes for podcasts and YouTube videos. 
  • Does the licence bought on Podcast Tunes allow me to use the music in several projects?
    If you produce your own videos and podcasts: Yes. If you produce videos or podcasts for clients then you must buy a license for each client separately.
  • Do I have to credit Podcast Tunes?
    Well, you don’t have to… But, of course, we would be more than happy if you would :) This is completely up to you.
  • I want to use the music for something else, e.g. a commercial, is that possible?
    You cannot use the music in a commercial with the license we offer here. If you want this, please contact us for a special license. If you want something unique contact Renger Koning directly via
  • Can you make custom tunes for me?
    Yes, of course! If you want something unique contact Renger Koning directly. He can compose an exclusive track or jingle package for you that will not be sold in any other store, it is your very own tune! Please contact Renger via
  • Can I monetise my YouTube videos with your music?
    Yes, sure you can! Monetised, profit or non-profit, you are covered by this license. The license also includes performance rights worldwide in perpetuity.
  • What is Royalty Free Music?
    This is music that you can buy the license for and you are able to use the music for whatever you want for the duration of the license. 
  • Am I allowed to manipulate the tunes?
    Yes of course! You are allowed to manipulate, re-edit, stretch, shorten or combine the music but you cannot claim the re-edit or re-mix as your own music.