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A brand new store!

About Podcast Tunes

Not your standard music library

Welcome to the brand new dedicated to royalty free music for Podcasts and YouTube channels.

Whether you’re working on a YouTube vlog or a podcast, you want to make it great. The right music can give your production a stronger identity and a more professional sound. The tunes you find on this page are all made by a professional composer <link to subpage: composer>  Finding music for your podcast may seem difficult and time-consuming, luckily Podcast Tunes is not a standard library music store where you easily get lost in hundred of thousands of tracks. We spend a lot of time pre-selecting and categorising tracks to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Think of Podcast Tunes as a Gourmet chocolate & truffle store instead of a supermarket. 

Our tunes can provide that extra touch that makes your podcast or vlog stand out from the crowd. We offer jingle packages containing six to nine leaders, bumpers, stingers and underscores so you can brand you podcast or vlog with high-end professional tunes. There is also a large collection of underscores that you can use to add drama, emotion and sphere to your production. 

Have fun listening and don't forget to use the 40% discount code PCT-40 when you want to buy a track or package!