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Using Copyrighted Music in Podcasts or Video's.

There are a lot of question concerning the use of copyrighted music. Here are some answers that might help you in making the right decisions.

My podcast promotes the artist's music!

Perfect but if the artist signed a deal with a record label and a publisher, the label is granted the sole and exclusive right to distribute the artist's track(s). So when you add a (copyrighted) track to your podcast or video you become a distributor of a digital file including this track. This breaches the contract with the recordlabel.

I have permission from the artist!

Okay but the artist has to be 100% independent from any type of record company or publishing deal otherwise it is not allowed.

The 'fair use' myth.

But... yes there is a 'fair use' or 'fair dealing' in some countries but your podcast is published globally.

Yes but....

Just don't go there. You either use no music or royalty free music, everything else will bring you into trouble.


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